Music School

The Nailsea School of Music & Performing Arts is part of the Nailsea Music Shop. We have various vibrant teachers teaching various instruments to both children & adults. Our goal is to help you and others learn more about music to create a much more musical community. Nailsea is already known for its significant impact in many different aspects of performing arts & we hope to help continue this aura into the future. Also under the umbrella of the Nailsea School of Performing Arts is the dance company Jazz On Tap & also the charity company Bedford Performers.


Nailsea Music School


Joining the Nailsea School of Music & Performing Arts will allow you or your child to join one of the largest and fastest growing music schools in Bristol. We first started with a few students in 2007 and we now have nearly 200 students from Nailsea and the surrounding areas including, long Ashton, Portishead, Backwell and Clevedon. The school is run by a family who are deeply involved with all aspects of performing arts and therefore encourage all students to get involved with annual concerts which we arrange, examinations and any other outside experiences.


The Nailsea School of Music & Performing Arts runs coinciding with the academic school terms whenever possible. The term dates are always available on our website under the music school section. All lessons with the exception of theory are private and cost £17 per lesson from September 2017. Theory lessons prices vary depending on how many students are in the session, the amount of people in the session will differ depending on the grade of the students. The first few lessons (at the teachers’ discretion) may be paid for per lesson. Once this period has been passed you will need to sign a contract and pay for a term upfront.


All students are required to have their own instrument. All attending students must bring their own instruments with the exception of Drums, Piano & Keyboard. If you currently do not own an instrument let us know and we can assist you. We also offer a rental scheme for people who are unsure about their chosen instrument. If you are interested in lessons either visit us instore, Call us on 01275 855021, Send us an email , or fill in the form below.



  Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3 Studio 4
Monday Theory Clarinet, Sax Guitar, Ukulele Piano
Tuesday  Flute, Clarinet, Sax, Theory Piano, Flute  Drums


Wednesday Piano Piano
Guitar, ukulele Piano
Thursday Piano Flute, Clarinet, Sax, Theory

Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele & Bass

Friday  Guitar Singing Guitar, Ukulele Piano
Saturday   Violin  Drums  



Term 1  Sept 10th - Oct 27th 2018
Term 2  Nov 5th - Dec 8th 2018
Term 3  Jan 7th - Feb 16th 2019
Term 4  Feb 25th - Apr 13 2019
Term 5  Starts  Apr 29th 2019
Term 6